Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Backwards with Vintage Fabric!

Spring is in the air! With warmer weather and blooming flowers also comes the need to Spring clean and perhaps freshen up your home decor.  But, how to do this without sacrificing your New Year's resolution to live less wastefully? The answer is simple - use existing resources! Vintage fabric is a great existing resource that can spice things up without sacrificing your green values or wallet!

How can you use vintage fabric to update your decor? There are many, many, ways, but I'll give you a few easy, inexpensive examples:

Pillows - You probably have a few pillows hanging around that could use a little makeover, or at least a new look for Spring.  Did you know you can have new pillow covers made through most fabric stores or even sew them yourself if you're handy with a sewing machine?  You only need about a half yard of fabric for a typical 20" square throw pillow, and you can keep the existing insert, so you're really only expending labor for what will look like a brand new pillow. The pillows to the left were made using a vintage paisley fabric with a contrasting back and welt fabric.

Napkins / Tablecloth  - A simple way to revamp your table is to add some fun napkins or a tablecloth to your linen line up. I mean, how great of a conversation starter would this vintage mid-century fabric be as a tablecloth or napkins? 

Lampshades - Just because your lamp came with a plain white shade doesn't mean it has to stay that way! You can purchase some fun vintage fabric or trim and have that boring old shade recovered to complement your decor. Check out how great the striped shade looks on the Hampton Table Lamp from Grace Home Furnishings to the right! This lamp wouldn't be the same with a plain white shade. Take some inspiration from the fabulous and bold pairings of designer Jamie Young, whose collection of lamps can be admired and purchased by the public through Layla Grace.

One of my favorite sources of vintage fabric is from an Australian company called Retro Age Vintage. They have a really nice selection at reasonable prices. For the most variety, try browsing through eBay, as they have literally thousands of vintage fabric and trim listings. Feel free to email me with any questions or pictures of your own vintage fabric creations!

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