Friday, May 15, 2009

Adaptive Reuse

I'm a fan of adaptive reuse. This can apply to fabric, buildings, land, whatever. I just don't like to see something good go to waste. That's only one reason that I am a fan of the movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. I mean, who would have though to use a cemetery as an entertainment venue?  

If you haven't been to one of the movie showings here, you're definitely missing out. It is a truly unique Hollywood experience. It's like the Hollywood Bowl, but with a little bit of an edge. You get to pack your own dinner, wine, candles and then watch a movie projected onto Rudolph Valentino's mausoleum. Tomorrow they're showing "Cool Hand Luke," with many more great titles to follow.  Check out the schedule and sign up for updates at Cinespia.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Tables Listed! - UPDATE - SOLD


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green Shoes

(Adorable green/white polka dot shoe from Simple. Purchase here.)

Sometimes I tend to work in a very stream-of-conscience manner. This is how I arrived at the topic of green shoes.

I was going through my emails and happened to see an advertisement for Payless' eco-friendly shoe line, Zoe & Zac, embedded in one of my emails from Ideal Bite. I was like, "oh cool," and proceeded to investigate what it was all about. It turns out Zoe & Zac is rather controversial, as all the shoes are made in China and shipped to the US. I didn't really expect otherwise, as everything in their line costs less than $30, but this obviously doesn't merit them receiving a perfect 10 on the nebulous "green scale" that those trying to be eco-friendly are judged by. I tend to be a little more liberal in my judgements, and feel that just the fact that they are using eco-friendly and recycled materials is a step up from the other cheap shoes Payless sells.. However, before you shop you should know they are made in China and many have been critical of this.

After this bit of reading, I remembered that I needed to find some flip-flops for Mr. GGG, as his have become unfit for public consumption. This does not stop him from wearing them out in public, so I needed to find a replacement for this sorry pair of sandals quickly. I went to my shoe site of choice, Zappos, and was pleased to find that I could search for shoes under the category of "eco-friendly." You can read and judge for yourself just HOW eco-friendly these brands are. For example, Birkenstock clearly states their shoes are made in Germany, but Simple refers to their "business partners" and doesn't explicitly state where the shoes are made. 

Green Shoe Brands: (click on name to be linked to web site)
(Just for fun, here is a silly video about one lady's shoe fetish. I present...Shoes!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I just joined "Twitter." Who knows why - I can barely find enough interesting things to say on my blog, let alone on a daily or hourly basis! However, I'm told it's necessary for marketing. So, come join me.  I'm registered under "glamourgoesgrn" and you can join up at if you're interested.