Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Craigslist Shopping

I wish I could buy EVERYTHING cool I see on Craiglist, but I can't, so I'm willing to share my finds. I have no financial interest in these items, I just like them! :)

First up, a beautiful Danish dining table and four chairs, all for $600. You can't find new stuff that is this level of quality at this price!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Browsing through the collection of home accessories at Saarloos this past weekend, I noticed they carried the Simrin brand. I was given some napkins and place mats from this company last year, resembling those at right. Using AZO free dyes and 100% cotton and jute textiles, Simrin makes several fun tabletop items with an "earthy mod" aesthetic.

I am enamored with their farmyard linen collection, featuring different farm animals painted in four different colors on jute place mats. I really wanted to get a set of these, shown below top, as they had them in stock at Saarloos, but they are spot clean only and we are WAY too messy to have something under our dinner plates that isn't machine washable or wipeable. However, I'm still eying the laminated fabric trays, shown below bottom. Cute, no?

You can browse and buy the entire Simrin Collection online at Velocity Art & Design. In addition to the more mod Surya and the Farmyard collection, they also have more traditional looking items, so take a look!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Garp

This is neither glamorous nor green, but it makes me smile!
I present to labrador retriever, Garp!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Saarloos & Sons Winery

Has someone at Saarloos been spying on me? Looking at the bookmarks on my computer? Following my blog?

Why do I have these suspicions, you ask? Because their wine tasting space and company sure does appeal to me! Let's review what they have that I like:

Fun, crisp modern elements, including flocked cameo wallpaper? - check

Groovy vintage touches? - check

Awesome tasting wine? - check

Cupcakes? - check

Fun home accessories incorporating farm animals into their design - check! Check!

Located in Los Olivos, where I would love to live on a ranchette if I hit the lotto? - CHECK!

I can't believe I missed this place the last time I was up here. It's located at the far end of the Los Olivos, near highway 154, so I guess I just didn't walk down far enough to see it. The design is Kelly Wearstler with a little dirt under her fingers. Heather Saarloos is identified as the designer, and she deserves major kudos for the picture perfect interiors! She does a fab job of mixing natural wood finishes with glossy paint and hip wallpaper. I especially love the tasting bar in the entry space, which is painted a glossy grey and adorned with polished nickel drawer pulls.

In addition to their physical space, Saarloos is well repped in cyber space. Check out the following for more info: