Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Showers...

bring May flowers, and possibly fruits and vegetables, too!

About four weeks ago I decided to help my husband with his backyard gardening.  Up until this point, I have been what could best be described as a "supportive assistant." He has been the one attending workshops and doing heavy labor.  I have made a few trips to Anawalt and OSH to pick up things he needed.  I've also picked up containers of manure for him from the barn. (Africa, my horse, has been an "unknowing assistant" in this garden project.) I have been mildly interested in the project, but hadn't quite caught the bug.

That all changed when I planted some seedlings.  I volunteered for this task to spend some time outside in the sunshine.  It also seemed to be safe from what I really fear in the garden - snails, bugs and worms.  I mixed together the soil as directed and carefully planted some seeds - carrots, arugula, purslane, lettuce, garlic and tomatoes**.  I put them aside and didn't think much of them.  A few days later, though, they started to grow!  This was very exciting to me. They are now thriving and I think they need to be transferred to their permanent home soon.  

Here are some pictures:

If you want to get your gardening groove on, check out these links:
  • Silverlake Farms - This link takes you to their outstanding gardening workshops, but they can also design and plant your garden for you!
  • LA Community Garden Council - If you live in an apartment or want to take a more communal approach to gardening, check out this link.
  • LADWP - Our own water and power company offers workshops as well as great info on their website in areas such as composting and water-wise gardening.
  • LA Bureau of Sanitation - Offers composting workshops and bin sales in Griffith park.
  • Garden Nerd - A really great website! The title says it all
**Sadly, the tomatoes never sprouted. I'm blaming this on bad seeds.

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