Monday, December 1, 2008

Green Pizza?

Last night my husband and I ate at "Hearth in the Cottonwoods," which is located in Los Alamos, California (about 15 minutes north of Buellton/Solvang on the 101) and is home to both a restaurant and a production facility for Full of Life Flatbread.  I had eaten at the restaurant about a year and a half ago without him while I was at a horse event in Santa Ynez. Ever since then I've been determined for him to come up and try it, as he is a great supporter of organic and locally produced foods, and I knew he would love it. This hasn't been an easy task, especially because the restaurant was only open Friday and Saturday nights. They have recently added a Sunday Supper, which makes a day trip much more doable from LA, and that is what we enjoyed yesterday.

Their mission is simple: "At Flatbread we believe in the quality and freshness of local, organic and sustainably grown, ingredients. Most of our ingredients originate from within 300 miles of our restaurant, just a few hours drive. Where possible, we purchase our ingredients directly from family farms, growers, and producers to ensure integrity. Full of Life Flatbread also strives toward affording a livable wage for our employees and suppliers. They deserve it. You deserve it. We believe that food remembers the acts of the hands and of the heart. " 

The food is delicious and incomparable to anything I've had in Los Angeles.  In fact, we had eaten at Pizzeria Mozza just the night before , and my husband and I agreed that their was no comparison - the meal at Hearth in the Cottonwoods out-shined Mozza easily.  They go into more detail about the restaurant, menu and their practices at Full of Life Foods.  If you can't make the trip, you can purchase their flatbreads at Whole Foods.  However, this is not a substitute for a meal up there, merely something to tide you over until you can visit them. 

Hearth in the Cottonwoods
225 West Bell Street
Los Alamos, California
(805) 344-4400
Open 5pm - 10pm Friday and Saturday
Open 4pm - 8pm Sunday
(no reservations)

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