Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I have to admit, I haven't been a big fan of the Holiday season since reaching adulthood. Up until I graduated from college, I was just expected to enjoy the holidays. I automatically got two weeks vacation, someone else did the cooking, and all I had to do was show up with a few simple gifts. That all changed upon college graduation. The automatic vacation came to an abrupt halt. Then, after getting married, came the act of scheduling Christmas celebrations with the different factions of each family or somehow integrating everyone together. We all know how fun that is. Finally, it all seemed so wasteful and contrived. I mean, I don't really NEED anything and neither does any one of my close friends or family. The frivolous gifts, the mounds of wrapping thrown in the trash, and the kitschy decor really make me bah-humbug.

However, I'm trying to be a good sport about it. There are certain things I do enjoy. My horse-shaped sugar cookies are fun and delicious. I like looking at the ornaments on the tree - many are gifts or mementos from places my husband and I have traveled to. I like sharing a great meal with friends. In this spirit, I've compiled a few ways to have a green and glamorous Holiday while minimizing the waste factor. Let's just call it my "Dreaming of a Green Christmas" list:
  • Wrapping - Buy eco-friendly wrapping paper & ribbon, and save used ribbon and wrapping paper that's in good condition to re-use next year.  
  • D├ęcor - There are a lot of fantastic vintage ornaments and decorations available at both antique stores and online.  I also found this great wall hanging , pictured below, made of an assortment of recycled tin products.
  • Tree - Turn your Christmas tree into compost or mulch when you’re done with it.
  • Food - Niman Ranch has an amazing selection of delicious meat that is humanely and sustainably raised.  You can order online and they will ship it fresh to your door.  
  • Lighting - For your table and overall ambience, Pottery Barn has a very nice votive candle that is made with sustainable wax and housed in a recycled glass container.  On the electric front, if you need new lights for your tree or house (or treehouse!) go with LED.  I've seen them at the hardware store, or you can see an amazing selection and order online here.
  • Gifts -  There are plenty of eco-friendly options in the gift department, but I'm going to be biased here and give a shameless plug to the Glamour Goes Green collection of recycled glass products.  I've included photos of these products below.  These highly useful items are all made of 99% recycled glass. Visit the GGG shop for more information and to buy!

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