Monday, May 3, 2010

Saarloos & Sons Winery

Has someone at Saarloos been spying on me? Looking at the bookmarks on my computer? Following my blog?

Why do I have these suspicions, you ask? Because their wine tasting space and company sure does appeal to me! Let's review what they have that I like:

Fun, crisp modern elements, including flocked cameo wallpaper? - check

Groovy vintage touches? - check

Awesome tasting wine? - check

Cupcakes? - check

Fun home accessories incorporating farm animals into their design - check! Check!

Located in Los Olivos, where I would love to live on a ranchette if I hit the lotto? - CHECK!

I can't believe I missed this place the last time I was up here. It's located at the far end of the Los Olivos, near highway 154, so I guess I just didn't walk down far enough to see it. The design is Kelly Wearstler with a little dirt under her fingers. Heather Saarloos is identified as the designer, and she deserves major kudos for the picture perfect interiors! She does a fab job of mixing natural wood finishes with glossy paint and hip wallpaper. I especially love the tasting bar in the entry space, which is painted a glossy grey and adorned with polished nickel drawer pulls.

In addition to their physical space, Saarloos is well repped in cyber space. Check out the following for more info: