Friday, August 21, 2009

Daisy Janie Fabric

I mentioned this company in my latest blog entry for Furnicology, but they really do deserve an entry of their own. Their fun and mod fabrics are really something special, especially considering they are available on 100% organic cotton sateen and organic cotton/hemp blend canvas. You can also customize the designs, perfect for designers who want to get really creative or offer their clients a truly one of a kind design.

Check out the Daisy Janie:
website  ,   blog  ,  etsy store


  1. Thank you for the mention and the post both here and on Furnicology! I'm extremely flattered that you see my fabrics in that sort of retro, hip way because that's what's always in my head! I have some new collections coming out this Fall and next Spring...all mod, mod, mod.

  2. I love these! Great colors, great designs, and the custom design option is cool too. Now I just need to learn how to reupholster chairs so I can cover one of mine...