Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day: Nude, Organic and Almost Life Size

In doing some research for an article on ways to green your Valentine’s Day, I came across some great alternatives that are less toxic to the environment than the usual suspects. If you consider yourself a traditionalist, or just want to play by the rules this Valentine's Day, try these green resources:
These companies are great, and they have some really nice products. However, I was kind of disappointed.  I wanted to find really unique things! So, I went to one of my favorite places on the web, Craigslist. I popped the search term “Valentine” into the Craigslist search engine to see what kinds of options were out there. I've summarized my findings below, including the actual titles for these advertisements as they were written.  I call this list "nude, organic and almost life size" as an homage to the titles of these ads:

"Sexy NUDE Fairy 4 UR Valentine Prof Mat & Frame 21x27 - $599"
hmmm...it isn't all that "NUDE" and I don't think its "sexy," but if you disagree you can see the whole ad here.

"Organic Handmade Catnip Cat Toys"
"Safe alternative to chocolate for cats on valentines day"
I'm glad someone thought of a "safe alternative" to that box of chocolates that gave kitty diarrhea last year! 

"Fantastic Papier Mache Burro By Jeanne Valentine Almost Life Size"
This one snuck in there because the sculptress' last name is Valentine, but I don't think I've seen anything quite as unique as this. It is also vintage, which equals green in my book!  You can fill the burro's baskets with the aforementioned flowers, chocolates and lingerie, and you've got a Valentine's Day present your sweetie will NEVER forget! - buy here

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