Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Green Finds at C&B

Happy New Year! I was hoping to have an incredibly reflective and thought provoking post to ring in 2009, but while I was procrastinating from writing this I browsed the new Crate & Barrel catalogue and came across some exciting finds that I had to share.  

I love using placements, especially ones that don't need to be laundered after every use! So, when I saw the "Circles Wooden Placement" I paid attention. Not only do these placements offer ease of use, but they are also stylish and made of surplus wood scraps from furniture workshops.  They look great as a backdrop for a stylish napkin or a boldly colored dish.

I also love the ease of a non-stick pan.  (Can you sense a theme here? I like low maintenance, high style.  I don't even own an iron - I'm not kidding.  I've perfected the art of taking cloth napkins out of the dryer slightly damp and warm, folding them immediately and voila - no ironing needed!)  However, non-stick pans are not very eco-friendly.  Crate & Barrel has introduced a great new product, the GreenPan.  This cookware is touted as having the first environmentally safe, non-stick coating on the market.  They are currently offering a saute pan, casserole dish, wok and several sized frying pans.  

So, if you've vowed to cook more and eat out less in 2009, motivate yourself with some new placements and cookware.  They're easy on the environment, useful and stylish, too!

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