Tuesday, October 28, 2008

High-Tech Trash

America has been described by many to have a "culture of waste." We always need to have the newest, the best, the biggest. With technology rapidly developing and new products being released all the time, you have to upgrade to keep up. iPods, laptops, televisions - all become dinosaurs after just a few years time. How do you recycle these? Should the company who manufactures the product also be responsible for recycling it? This was the subject of a recent article and photo essay in National Geographic magazine. I was shocked by the amount of "High Tech Trash" that is generated and the difficulties presented by recycling it. I think this photo essay speaks volumes about the destruction we are causing: High Tech Trash.  You can read the complete article here.

Once you've been inspired to responsibly recycle, check out this great A-Z guide from Real Simple Magazine called "How to Recycle Anything."

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