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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun Holiday Gifts!

Grace Home Furnishings has a lot of fun holiday gifts, including some great ornaments. Check out their Holiday Newsletter for more info!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Etsy Store "In Cold Storage"

I bought a really cool vintage beaded clutch purse (above left) from this Etsy store over the summer, and was not only thrilled with my inexpensive (only $20!) yet glamorous purchase, but with the customer service from the seller.

In Cold Storage has an eclectic assortment of vintage finds, with my current favorite being this Mad Men-style 1960s handbag, (above right.) They also feature snappy product descriptions and excellent photos!

Friday, November 6, 2009


This is such a great idea! Need to do a fundraiser for your non-profit? Want it to feature exclusively green products? Check out Greenraising, an easy to use, e-fundraising website that offers many super-cool green items. According to their website, using it is simple, you just register your non-profit and then you receive a percentage of the sales from the people who name your group as the beneficiary when they make a purchase!

I love the "Chrazy" recycled gift wrap pictured at left! Check it out: Recycled Gift Wrap.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One of my Assistants...

Mr. Winkles.

Antonio Aguilar Home

Disclaimer: I used to work with Antonio. However, even if I didn't already know what a cool, creative guy he was, I would still be wild about his gorgeous, custom pillows! I'm partial to his Jardin and Sublime collections, which are both inspired by nature. The pillow at the left is called "Pussy Paws" and is part of the Jardin collection.

Check out his website: Antonio Aguilar Home

The Vanity Room

I just received the cutest necklace from this store as a gift! Can't wait to check the store out.

Here's their website:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EcoGen bath accessories

Saw these in my new CB2 catalog and they are really cool! They're biodegradable!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mid Century Modern Sculptures - SOLD!

I've been half-heartedly trying to sell these for awhile, but with the addition of a gold elephant and ram into my collection (don't ask!) I am simply overrun with golden faux animal sculptures! They are really cute and kitschy and the perfect gift for the mid century modern lover in your life. They remind me of Jonathan Adler figurines, only these are better because they are original and not mass produced!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Online Articles

In case you've been wondering why I've been strangely silent lately, I've been busy writing for other sources! Here are a couple articles that have just been published:

What to Look for When Buying Flatware |

Reasons to Adopt a Dog

LA Magazine

Los Angeles Magazine is featuring an article this month on edible gardens! Can't wait to read it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Daisy Janie Fabric

I mentioned this company in my latest blog entry for Furnicology, but they really do deserve an entry of their own. Their fun and mod fabrics are really something special, especially considering they are available on 100% organic cotton sateen and organic cotton/hemp blend canvas. You can also customize the designs, perfect for designers who want to get really creative or offer their clients a truly one of a kind design.

Check out the Daisy Janie:
website  ,   blog  ,  etsy store

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Environmental movies have a green problem: money --

Environmental movies have a green problem: money --

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Interesting article about the challenges of environmental movies. I'm going to see The Cove tonight!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zip Not - Eco-Friendly Baggies by threeRcreations

The threeRcreations motto is simple, "Reducing plastic one bag at a time." Their creation, reusable baggies in fun, hip and mod fabrics is ingenious.  A set of three baggies costs a mere $15 and you can have them gift wrapped for free. They have a wonderful shop on Etsy where you can survey their entire selection.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Guffly!

A fantastic new shopping site was born today called Guffly! This sassy site offers one hip, fun and fashionable eco-friendly product per day. Today's feature is a wonderful recycled business card holder made out of old circuit boards. I'm so excited about this new resource for eco-friendly items!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mad About Mad Men

If you love the fabulous period set design of Mad Men, check out this feature from House Beautiful:

Mad Men Style: The best of the 1960s from House Beautiful

They've posted some great interiors from their 1960s issues that Betty and Don would feel right at home in.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

T-Lofts Grand Opening

In case you're interested, T-Lofts is having their grand opening this Saturday from 11am-4pm. 

More info here: T-Lofts Grand Opening

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green Gardens

That's the title of my newest post on Furnicology!  
(Yes, I know I'm punny.)

Check it out here: 

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Farm City

I just had to post a quick thumbs-up review for this great book I just finished! (I stayed up WAY past my bedtime just to finish the last part of the book, titled simply "Pig.") Check out the book here and the author's blog, Ghost Town Farm, for some really entertaining, informative and insightful views on urban farming.  

Friday, July 3, 2009


As my Twitter update indicated, I've recently been asked to blog for, a great new website founded by Meghan Field Lopez. Meghan created Furnicology "to provide a marketplace and community for consumers and designers to discover beautiful, environmentally responsible products in addition to providing an outlet for sustainable education." You should definitely check it out and, while you're there, check out my first blog entry for them, Something Old

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fabulous New Items for Sale!

I've got three fabulous new items for sale in the GGG Shop!

Food Inc.

I saw this last night at the Landmark (LOVE that theatre!) and felt compelled to report. If you've heard of Polyface Farms or Michael Pollan, you probably have heard a lot of the information before, but it's still worth seeing. If you haven't heard of them, this is a MUST SEE film. Ignorance is bliss, and you will not walk out of this moving feeling blissful about the state of American food production. 

I think what the film does best is show the far reaching effects of our food system. We basically have government subsidized fast food and corn-based products that are making our population increasingly unhealthy. This leads to a greater reliance on healthcare and medication. Gee, hmm, wonder who this benefits?  The system is in dire need of drastic overhaul, and only a few seem to want to implement change. It is absolutely maddening, but the more people who really know the literal crap they are being fed, the more hope there is to change these practices for the better. 

There are some great posts and articles relating to the film and it's message on their blog, Hungry for Change. The easiest way to protest our food system is to refuse to buy their product. Shop at your local farmers' market and make sure to buy local and organic at the grocery store. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Like Anthropologie?

If you like Anthropologie, you'll LOVE the new vintage glass items I just put up for sale in the GGG Shop! They are all listed as auctions on eBay - check them out here: GGG eBay Auctions and bid, bid, bid!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alma Rosa Winery

On a recent visit to Santa Ynez and it's environs, we made a visit to Alma Rosa Winery.  We had sampled one of their fantastic wines at Upstairs 2 at the Wine House and were excited to see they offered tastings. In addition to offering am amazing wine, Alma Rosa has the following wonderful philosophy:
Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards practices and promotes organic farming, sustainable agriculture, ecologically-responsible packaging and business practices, and green building. In addition it supports related earth-friendly causes such as the reintroduction of peregrine falcons to the Santa Ynez Valley and the international slow food movement.
We did the "pinot-only" tasting and were not disappointed. It was difficult to decide, but we finally narrowed it down to a few choices that we are eager to share with friends in the upcoming months!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grace Home Furnishings - Annual Sale!

It's that time of year again!  Every June Grace Home Furnishings has a kick-ass sale. They have hundreds of pieces of high end furniture marked WAY DOWN, so go check it out. I'm posting their special "preveiw days" pass, so get in before the crowds do this Thursday and Friday. These two days aren't advertised, so you get the best selection before the masses descend Saturday morning.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Adaptive Reuse

I'm a fan of adaptive reuse. This can apply to fabric, buildings, land, whatever. I just don't like to see something good go to waste. That's only one reason that I am a fan of the movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. I mean, who would have though to use a cemetery as an entertainment venue?  

If you haven't been to one of the movie showings here, you're definitely missing out. It is a truly unique Hollywood experience. It's like the Hollywood Bowl, but with a little bit of an edge. You get to pack your own dinner, wine, candles and then watch a movie projected onto Rudolph Valentino's mausoleum. Tomorrow they're showing "Cool Hand Luke," with many more great titles to follow.  Check out the schedule and sign up for updates at Cinespia.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Tables Listed! - UPDATE - SOLD


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green Shoes

(Adorable green/white polka dot shoe from Simple. Purchase here.)

Sometimes I tend to work in a very stream-of-conscience manner. This is how I arrived at the topic of green shoes.

I was going through my emails and happened to see an advertisement for Payless' eco-friendly shoe line, Zoe & Zac, embedded in one of my emails from Ideal Bite. I was like, "oh cool," and proceeded to investigate what it was all about. It turns out Zoe & Zac is rather controversial, as all the shoes are made in China and shipped to the US. I didn't really expect otherwise, as everything in their line costs less than $30, but this obviously doesn't merit them receiving a perfect 10 on the nebulous "green scale" that those trying to be eco-friendly are judged by. I tend to be a little more liberal in my judgements, and feel that just the fact that they are using eco-friendly and recycled materials is a step up from the other cheap shoes Payless sells.. However, before you shop you should know they are made in China and many have been critical of this.

After this bit of reading, I remembered that I needed to find some flip-flops for Mr. GGG, as his have become unfit for public consumption. This does not stop him from wearing them out in public, so I needed to find a replacement for this sorry pair of sandals quickly. I went to my shoe site of choice, Zappos, and was pleased to find that I could search for shoes under the category of "eco-friendly." You can read and judge for yourself just HOW eco-friendly these brands are. For example, Birkenstock clearly states their shoes are made in Germany, but Simple refers to their "business partners" and doesn't explicitly state where the shoes are made. 

Green Shoe Brands: (click on name to be linked to web site)
(Just for fun, here is a silly video about one lady's shoe fetish. I present...Shoes!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I just joined "Twitter." Who knows why - I can barely find enough interesting things to say on my blog, let alone on a daily or hourly basis! However, I'm told it's necessary for marketing. So, come join me.  I'm registered under "glamourgoesgrn" and you can join up at if you're interested.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Outstanding in the Field

Marilyn Snee, the incomparable sommelier from Upstairs 2, mentioned I might be interested in writing about Outstanding in the Field, a coordination between local farmers, artisans, chefs and wine makers.  Their mission is to "to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it." They do this through hosting dinners all across the country, in beautiful, natural settings, using local talent and resources. Many of their 2009 dates are sold out, including the two nights in Los Angeles, but if you click here you can see the dates and locations still available and make a reservation online. I will of course be writing about my dining experience, but you'll have to wait until October as that's when the dinner is happening!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doucette Duvall

In my continual search for cool vintage fabric for home projects, I stumbled across a really great company that makes new clothing out of vintage materials. 

Doucette Duvall is a New York based company that uses all vintage materials and trims in their designs, as well as recycled packaging. While their line is limited to dresses and coats, they offer several different designs that run the gamut from a super short mini-dress to more conservative cuts. My favorite dress from their Fall 2009 collection is the "Dottie." (pictured to the left) 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Noon Solar - Coolest. Bags. Ever.

I think the title says it all, but you many want more details, so here it goes.

While I was watching Current TV (Coolest. Station. Ever.) today, I saw a short clip called "Sun Powered Purses." Now, some of my more fashionable friends may be laughing at the idea of me blogging about purses, since I am certainly not an expert on this topic. In fact, I don't think I've purchased a purse since I was in Hong Kong last summer. (Actually, come to think of it, I bought two purses in Hong Kong. One was an every-so-sexy waterproof nylon purse that looked like a camera bag and really completed my super-tourist look, and one was a Chanel knock-off that I didn't even realize was supposed to look like a Chanel, I just liked the design.) 

That disclosed, these bags actually DO something and look pretty darn good too. Noon Solar, the company that makes these amazing bags, installs solar panels on the outside of each bag that power a battery back that can charge your cell phone or iPod! They are also made of biodegradable materials. They even have a "man-pack" and a "murse" (my descriptions, not theirs) so don't think for a second these are only for the ladies! The "Augusta," pictured above, is my favorite, but check out all of their great designs.  I'm sure you'll find something you love.

Spring Backwards with Vintage Fabric!

Spring is in the air! With warmer weather and blooming flowers also comes the need to Spring clean and perhaps freshen up your home decor.  But, how to do this without sacrificing your New Year's resolution to live less wastefully? The answer is simple - use existing resources! Vintage fabric is a great existing resource that can spice things up without sacrificing your green values or wallet!

How can you use vintage fabric to update your decor? There are many, many, ways, but I'll give you a few easy, inexpensive examples:

Pillows - You probably have a few pillows hanging around that could use a little makeover, or at least a new look for Spring.  Did you know you can have new pillow covers made through most fabric stores or even sew them yourself if you're handy with a sewing machine?  You only need about a half yard of fabric for a typical 20" square throw pillow, and you can keep the existing insert, so you're really only expending labor for what will look like a brand new pillow. The pillows to the left were made using a vintage paisley fabric with a contrasting back and welt fabric.

Napkins / Tablecloth  - A simple way to revamp your table is to add some fun napkins or a tablecloth to your linen line up. I mean, how great of a conversation starter would this vintage mid-century fabric be as a tablecloth or napkins? 

Lampshades - Just because your lamp came with a plain white shade doesn't mean it has to stay that way! You can purchase some fun vintage fabric or trim and have that boring old shade recovered to complement your decor. Check out how great the striped shade looks on the Hampton Table Lamp from Grace Home Furnishings to the right! This lamp wouldn't be the same with a plain white shade. Take some inspiration from the fabulous and bold pairings of designer Jamie Young, whose collection of lamps can be admired and purchased by the public through Layla Grace.

One of my favorite sources of vintage fabric is from an Australian company called Retro Age Vintage. They have a really nice selection at reasonable prices. For the most variety, try browsing through eBay, as they have literally thousands of vintage fabric and trim listings. Feel free to email me with any questions or pictures of your own vintage fabric creations!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Urban Chickens

The first thing I said when my husband broached the idea of getting chickens was, "I'm sure it's illegal." I mean, we live on a 6,500 square foot lot right in the middle of the city! However, he had been to someone's house in Silverlake that had chickens, so we were pretty sure we fell under the same zoning laws. I wasn't convinced. I thought these people were just law breakers, something I just do not do. I don't even like to bend the rules.  It's just not worth the potential headache, especially when dealing with angry neighbors.

So, I did a little research. I was shocked to find that in Los Angeles you can keep an unlimited number of hens as long as they are 20 feet from your dwelling and 35 feet from your neighbors' dwellings. I pulled out my trusty measuring tape, and sure enough, we had plenty of room. (This page, from The City Chicken website, has a good summary of existing laws in different cities.)

Now that I knew we COULD keep chickens, we had to decide if we WANTED to keep chickens. We did a ton of research, and spent hours perusing such great websites as My Pet Chicken and Backyard Chickens. What we saw had us convinced. We picked out of one of the cool coops from Omlet. This seemed to be the best choice for us as they are specifically designed for both the first time chicken owner and city chicken owner. Besides, they looked cool and seemed really easy to clean. We waited while it made it's trek across the Atlantic and in the meantime researched what breeds of chickens we were going to get. We got the coop, ordered the chicks, and they are now living in our house until they can go outside into the Eglu. (To read more about this ongoing adventure, check out  Now and Hen.)

There are many reasons people to choose to keep hens. Some, like me, probably just really love animals, and look forward to interacting with them. Some like to eat them for dinner. They are great for bug control in the garden, and provide excellent fertilizer. You will also get delicious and fresh organic eggs. 

On a more philosophical and possibly political note, it is really ironic that "keeping chickens" has become a "new trend" that seems to be most popular with those who can afford organic eggs at Whole Foods. So much of the green/organic movement is really just going back to some of the same self-sufficient practices that our great-grandparents would have done as second nature.  (Unless, of course, your great grandparents were the Vanderbilts or the Morgans, but they probably had a gentleman farm with chickens on it that someone else attended to at least.) 

Ok, rant over. This was supposed to be about chickens, so let me finish by saying that if I can do this, so can you! Trust me, once you start seeing cute pictures of baby chicks and the hilarious antics of hens, you're going to want a flock of your own! Check out these great links for more info:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Showers...

bring May flowers, and possibly fruits and vegetables, too!

About four weeks ago I decided to help my husband with his backyard gardening.  Up until this point, I have been what could best be described as a "supportive assistant." He has been the one attending workshops and doing heavy labor.  I have made a few trips to Anawalt and OSH to pick up things he needed.  I've also picked up containers of manure for him from the barn. (Africa, my horse, has been an "unknowing assistant" in this garden project.) I have been mildly interested in the project, but hadn't quite caught the bug.

That all changed when I planted some seedlings.  I volunteered for this task to spend some time outside in the sunshine.  It also seemed to be safe from what I really fear in the garden - snails, bugs and worms.  I mixed together the soil as directed and carefully planted some seeds - carrots, arugula, purslane, lettuce, garlic and tomatoes**.  I put them aside and didn't think much of them.  A few days later, though, they started to grow!  This was very exciting to me. They are now thriving and I think they need to be transferred to their permanent home soon.  

Here are some pictures:

If you want to get your gardening groove on, check out these links:
  • Silverlake Farms - This link takes you to their outstanding gardening workshops, but they can also design and plant your garden for you!
  • LA Community Garden Council - If you live in an apartment or want to take a more communal approach to gardening, check out this link.
  • LADWP - Our own water and power company offers workshops as well as great info on their website in areas such as composting and water-wise gardening.
  • LA Bureau of Sanitation - Offers composting workshops and bin sales in Griffith park.
  • Garden Nerd - A really great website! The title says it all
**Sadly, the tomatoes never sprouted. I'm blaming this on bad seeds.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New York Minute

I'm currently working on a project in New York, but will be back in full swing the week of April 6. I bought a couple of new items prior to leaving and should have them photographed and posted in the GGG shop by April 8.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to springtime in LA as it is cold and raining in Brooklyn!  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vintage Saybolt Cleland Cocktail Table for Sale!

I have put a new item up for sale on Lushpad!  This is a gorgeous Saybolt Cleland Vintage Cocktail Table that has a Barbara Barry vibe going on. Priced at $125, it is a fraction of the price of one of her designs. Crafted of solid mahogany with a zebra wood trim, this table is a true classic.  Saybolt Cleland was a highly esteemed American maker of fine furnishings, on par with Kindel and Baker.  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Modern Mar Vista

My post about the T Lofts alerted my hazy memory to the paper I wrote many moons ago on the Mar Vista Tract housing development designed by Gregory Ain. I used to drive by these houses everyday on my way to work.  I'd zip down Beethoven and wonder, "What's the story on these cool modern houses?" My question was soon answered in an art history class taught by Anthony Denzer, who has since released a book, Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary

These houses were part of a 52 house tract built in the late 1940's that adapted the principles of modern design into housing for the masses. They were considered to be a commercial failure at the time, but have now become highly valued and are a part of a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. 

When I look at a project like the T Lofts, I can't help but feel disappointed.  While a VAST improvement over the usual "Contractor Mediterranean" style, they just can't compare to the vision, ingenuity and design quality shown in the Mar Vista Tract. Time has moved forward 60 years, but our inventiveness has not. 

Check out these links for more info about the marvelous Mar Vista Tract:

Monday, March 2, 2009

More Mod!

I just posted some new items in the GGG Shop! They are all fabulous and very, very mod!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bounty of Boxes


Don't throw out those boxes!  

There's someone out there who will purchase and/or take them from you.  Who? Well, lot's of people.  Have you seen what boxes cost these days? You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on boxes and other packing materials for even a small move. Here's a list of places to advertise your used boxes and packing supplies:

Need boxes and can't find everything you need from the classified sites listed above? You can buy great recycled boxes from Used Cardboard Boxes. They offer the same sizes and package deals as moving supply companies like U-Haul, but they are less expensive and more eco-friendly. 

(Thanks to Ideal Bite for this great tip!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stop Bounce(ing) - The Dangers of Dryer Sheets

I have to admit, I was pretty much in the dark about the dangers of dryer sheets. My husband came home yesterday and said, "Dryer sheets are really bad for you. You should look into that for your blog." I thought, "That's a good idea. Luckily I've been buying the environmentally friendly kind."

Well, that is what I thought, anyway. I obviously wasn't paying very close attention. I took out my almost empty box of "Bounce Free" and casually glanced at it. I saw such green announcements as "Box made from 100% recycled paper" and "No dyes and perfumes." When I looked at the ingredients list, however, all it said was, "Bounce contains biodegradable cationic softeners." That doesn't sound so bad, right?

Wrong. They just aren't required to list all the awful chemicals that make up these biodegradable elements. What's worse, these chemicals infiltrate your clothing and are slowly released into your system every time you wear this clothing. There is detailed information about this from SixWise, so I won't go into details here. Suffice to say you would NOT want this stuff entering your bloodstream if you could help it.  I know some of you are thinking you are safe because you use liquid fabric softener, but, trust me, it's is just as bad.  

So, what are the alternatives?  How can you soften, scent and de-static cling your clothing without chemicals? The good news is that the options are all much less expensive than buying dryer sheets and fabric softener. 
  • Air Dry: I know the best thing you can do for your clothes, yourself and the environment is to not use a dryer at all.  It saves energy and makes your clothes last longer, which you can read about in more detail courtesy of this article from The Golden Spiral. It also eliminates static cling.
  • Vinegar: Add 1/2 cup of plain old white vinegar where you would normally put liquid fabric softener in your washing machine.  It will soften your clothes, cut soap residue than can dull colored items and naturally remove static.  Do NOT use it in conjunction with bleach.
  • Fabric Type: Synthetic fabrics are the major culprits for static cling, so try to wash them separately from cottons and take them out when they are still slightly damp. 
I also tried using aluminum foil in the place of dryer sheets, as I'd read that eliminated static cling, but it didn't work for me.  Some manufactured products, such as dryerballs and the static eliminator, claim to be better than dryer sheets, but both are made of synthetic ingredients and the dryerballs are plastic.  The best actual dryer sheets I've found are the Method Dryer Cloths, but they still waste precious resources and energy, all to solve the horrid first world problem of static cling and fabric softness! 

Monday, February 16, 2009

T Lofts

You can drive past the T Lofts project location hundreds of times and never really notice it. The back side runs along Exposition Boulevard, right at the junction of Pico, Gateway and Exposition, and extends back to Tennessee Avenue. It is still under construction and fenced off, but the basic structure is visible, and there is a now a large banner advertising the lofts that is visible from Pico. 

Billed as "eco-lofts," the complex consists of approximately 84 units that vary in size from 933 to 2,050 square feet. I would label the units as "partial lofts." They lack the usual components of the urban loft, such as soaring ceilings and generous square footage, and are new construction, not adaptive reuse of an existing building. However, they offer other unique features, such as "green" design and flexible floor plans to allow for a combination of live/work activities.

As for the green features, they are listed here and are certainly to be commended.  I also wanted to highlight what I liked best about T Lofts:
  • No open spaces were killed in the construction of T Lofts.  Urban sprawl is ugly, wasteful and unnecessary. 
  • The units are reasonably sized and well designed, showing that a normal sized family doesn't need a McMansion to live comfortably. 
  • The units feature energy efficient appliances, low VOC paint and clean, modern design.
  • The location is walking distance to shopping, restaurants and entertainment, something that most new housing developments lack.
There are six different floor plans available, offering a range of configurations and sizes. Plan 1 is a straightforward one bedroom/one bath. Plans 2, 4 and 6 are also straightforward and I think they work quite well, offering up to 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I find plan 3 a bit odd. It is the only plan that is specifically designed to be a clear work/live unit.  It offers a first floor that consists of an office space, a half bath with a toilet and sink, and a washer/dryer. The upstairs is devoted to the living quarters, consisting of one bedroom, one full bathroom and a kitchen, dining and living room.  I find it odd that the washer/dryer is relegated to the office space downstairs, and I also think not having the option of a living area on the first floor really limits the unit's resale value. If they had just put a full bath downstairs you could at least have the option of building out a bedroom in the future.  

That said, I want to be positive about the T Lofts. They are an interesting and ambitious project that embodies many eco-friendly elements. The builders are to be commended for their adaptive reuse of a site most would consider risky for a high-end residential project. They do face some challenges besides the obvious sad state of the economy. Although within walking distance of the trendy Sawtelle area and the Westside Pavilion, they are also a stone's throw from the Fantasy Island gentleman's club on Pico and flanked by self storage structures on Tennessee.  You can still find a single family detached home in the same area for $600,000- $1,000,000, which is what the lofts will be offered at. However, I don't want to be too pessimistic, and if I were in the market for a home I would certainly be tempted by T Loft's design features, floor plans, "green" practices and location. 

You can get more information at the T Loft Sales Center, located on Olympic Boulevard three blocks West of Sawtelle.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Vintage Cocktail Table

Glamour Goes Green just listed a really nice mid-century modern cocktail table on eBay!  

Check out the auction here:  Vintage Modern Cocktail Table

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day: Nude, Organic and Almost Life Size

In doing some research for an article on ways to green your Valentine’s Day, I came across some great alternatives that are less toxic to the environment than the usual suspects. If you consider yourself a traditionalist, or just want to play by the rules this Valentine's Day, try these green resources:
These companies are great, and they have some really nice products. However, I was kind of disappointed.  I wanted to find really unique things! So, I went to one of my favorite places on the web, Craigslist. I popped the search term “Valentine” into the Craigslist search engine to see what kinds of options were out there. I've summarized my findings below, including the actual titles for these advertisements as they were written.  I call this list "nude, organic and almost life size" as an homage to the titles of these ads:

"Sexy NUDE Fairy 4 UR Valentine Prof Mat & Frame 21x27 - $599" isn't all that "NUDE" and I don't think its "sexy," but if you disagree you can see the whole ad here.

"Organic Handmade Catnip Cat Toys"
"Safe alternative to chocolate for cats on valentines day"
I'm glad someone thought of a "safe alternative" to that box of chocolates that gave kitty diarrhea last year! 

"Fantastic Papier Mache Burro By Jeanne Valentine Almost Life Size"
This one snuck in there because the sculptress' last name is Valentine, but I don't think I've seen anything quite as unique as this. It is also vintage, which equals green in my book!  You can fill the burro's baskets with the aforementioned flowers, chocolates and lingerie, and you've got a Valentine's Day present your sweetie will NEVER forget! - buy here